Short film for BFI, Wellcome Trust and Vexed Pixie, 2017


TIME AWAY is the directorial debut of acclaimed actress MAXINE PEAKE (The Falling, Peterloo, Silk, Three Girls).

The short film commissioned by the BFI and the Wellcome Trust is the prequel to a full length feature film ‘CARAVAN’ written by KATIE WIMPENNY due to be filmed by Vox in 2018.

TIME AWAY and CARAVAN revolve around two central characters who are trying to come to terms (in later life) with the consequences of having a Thalidomide child in the early 1960’s. This contemporary story becomes deeply moving and surprisingly life affirming as they try to explain to their daughter the haunting events that led to the tragedy and loss of their son and the brother she never knew she had.

The film will have its world premiere on 23rd June 2018 at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.